Healthy Heart Award Whānau

Whanau award

The second level of the Healthy Heart Award is Whānau. This level is a step up from Rito as we help you to build on and strengthen your healthy eating and physical activity foundations. Joining the Whānau journey will help you to:


Strand 1: Governance and Management Whakahaere

  • Develop or review nutrition and physical activity policies to include birthday, celebration, fundraising, professional development funds, staff role modelling, nutrition and daily physical activity education procedures or guidelines
  • Develop or review lunchbox guidelines to support your parents and whānau and ensure that they provide many every day and sometimes options and discourage occasional foods
  • Develop or review a cyclical menu, display it to parents, support your cook to undertake food safety training


Strand 2: Learning and Teaching Whakaako

  • Provide and record learning experiences on healthy eating and physical activity through your learning stories, also demonstrating staff collaboration


Strand 3: Collaboration Ngātahi

      • Let your parents and whānau know you are on your Healthy Heart Award journey
      • Promote healthy eating and physical activity through newsletters, Facebook pages, parent’s libraries, display boards, and parents evenings


Strand 4: Professional Development Tupu Umanga

        • Gather nutrition and physical activity resources for your team to help increase their knowledge and boost their teaching practices,
        • Develop or review your professional development plan to include healthy eating and physical activity,
        • Put in place procedures around knowledge and information sharing.



Not the right level for you ? Check out the Rito or Pā-Harakeke levels